Our Camps

Taiga camps have housed from six to 200, and covered all types of work from scientific projects, resource exploration, film and drilling crews to winter product testing and environmental clean-ups.

We specialize in providing full service camps for any purpose on relatively short notice. Tents and life support components are designed for rapid mobilization, can be easily shipped anywhere and are as simple or complex as the situation dictates.

Taiga supplies all components from shelters to showers, four-by-fours to fuel systems and equipment rental to entertainment. Tents are adaptable to whatever purpose the client needs, from sleeping to laboratory and computer use.

Choyla Lake CampIn bone-chilling temperatures of -54 degrees and minimal daylight of four hours a day, Taiga mobilized this camp to provide a base for the geological exploration of Doyon lands. The camp was under severe environmental restrictions to disturb nothing—not a trace of human habitation was to remain when the project was completed.  >> Read More
Choyla Lake CampWith several critical factors (airstrip usability, water supply, terrain) incompletely known, Taiga sent a mobilization crew to the Arctic West Coast in June to begin ground work for a large scale camp in support of a nuclear waste clean-up project.  >> Read More
Choyla Lake CampOn very short turn around, Taiga was asked to design and outfit a day camp for 150 people 26 miles north of Nome in February to support the filming of “On Deadly Ground,” a Steven Seagal film for Warner Bros.  After several weeks of meetings, design alterations, bid-specification and time frame modifications, Taiga mobilized a day-support winter camp for 150 people in less than a week. >> Read More
Choyla Lake CampUnder cold and fitful December skies, Taiga undertook setup of this large-scale camp for oil exploration in the Kenai Peninsula.  Originally, the camp was to house 50 people, but as the scope of the work grew, camp population was increased to 100.  The last minute change in population necessitated fast work on the part of Taiga’s crew in order to prepare electrical, plumbing fixturing to accommodate everyone.  >> Read More
Aleutian StationsNikolski Radio Relay Station / Fort Glenn, Air Force Base
Choyla Lake CampBy 2001, Taiga Ventures had 25 years of experience operating camps in the extreme cold of Alaska’s interior.  That summer, USAF 611 Civil Engineering Squadron contracted with Jacobs Engineering to conduct a remedial environmental investigation of this former radio relay station. Jacobs called upon us to provide a tent camp at an abandoned WWII military base in the Aleutian Islands.  The bid specs were clear: design a full-service facility capable of withstanding winds up to 125 mph. >> Read More
Choyla Lake CampIn 2000, Anadarko Petroleum Co. (APC) contracted with Taiga Ventures to provide a tent camp for their summer field program on the north side of the Brooks Range.  The camp also accommodated a crew from the Alaska Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys (DGGS) working in coordination with the APC. >> Read More