Chloya Lake, Yukon Flats Wildlife Refuge

Size 80 people
Clients Exxon, Amoco, Northern Geophysical of America
In bone-chilling temperatures of -54 degrees and minimal daylight of four hours a day, Taiga mobilized this camp to provide a base for the geological exploration of Doyon lands.

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The camp was under severe environmental restrictions to disturb nothing—not a trace of human habitation was to remain when the project was completed.  In order to observe these conditions, it was decided to construct the camp directly on the lake ice. 

An advance group arrived on the first of January and began clearing an airstrip in preparation for the arrival of the set-up crew.  With everyone on site, the work of erecting the tents and assembling plumbing and electrical components began in anticipation of full habitation by the 15th of January. 

The completed camp consisted of complete laundry facilities, a shower, washroom and toilet area, a dining/cook tent, sleepers, administration, storage and maintenance tents.  All shelters were insulated and heated with oil stoves.  In addition, bladders and containments were set up for av-gas and jet-A fuels. 

The water supply was pumped from the lake and purified before use.  Grey water was treated and then discharged.  Sewage and solid waste material was incinerated at State of Alaska Department of Environmental conservation approved temperatures.   The kitchen staff served three meals a day.  The camp was accessible only by air.