Foothills Surface Geology

Size 40 people
Client Anadarko Petroleum
Location : Galbraith Lake, 275 mile Dalton Hwy.

In 2000, Anadarko Petroleum Co. (APC) contracted with Taiga
Ventures to provide a tent camp for their summer field program on the north side of the Brooks Range.  The camp also accommodated a crew from the Alaska Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys (DGGS) working in coordination with the APC.

The same groups shared the camp in 2001 along with about 20 people from URS Corp./Northern Land Use Research conducting an archeological survey relevant to a potential gas pipeline.

The campsite was located on a large gravel pad where Alyeska Pipeline Service Company originally operated a construction camp under the auspices of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

Taiga trucked the camp from Fairbanks and during both years had it operational with five days.


Pertinent facts:

  • Drinking water was pumped approximately 2,000 feet from a glacier-fed creek, filtered, chlorinated and stored in two 1,340 gallon bladders.  Grey water was discharged directly onto the gravel pad following chlorination in a tablet feeder. 
  • Solid waste was incinerated.
  • Human waste was burned in Incinolet toilets. 
  • Power was supplied by a 20 KW Lister diesel generator.
  • Satellite TV was set up in the kitchen/diner. 
  • Anadarko had a 12x20 office tent.
  • Camp population was mixed gender with a common shower/laundry building partitioned into men’s and women’s areas.
  • Camp and helicopter fuel was stored in a 3,000 gallon bladder that was fully contained.
  • Weekly food re-supplies and bladder fuel as needed was trucked in from Fairbanks.