Nikolski Radio Relay Station Remedial Investigation

Size 12 (Nikolsky) 25 (Ft Glenn)
Clients Jacobs Engineering Group
Location : Unmak Island, Aleutian Islands

In 2001 the USAF 611 Civil Engineering Squadron contracted with


Jacobs Engineering to conduct a remedial investigation of this former radio relay station.  Jacobs had Taiga provide the camp with the stipulation that it must be able to withstand the storms that frequent the area.

Wind proofing was our main concern since soft-sided buildings, as customarily deployed, have serious limitations—especially at upper wind speeds.

We employed the same careful measures here as we did at our Ft. Glenn camp, operated simultaneously, on the east end of the island.

Since the camp site was within 200 feet of the beach and open to northerly blows, our first job was to form a windbreak by staging the shipping containers between us and the water.  All floor frames were anchored to the ground.  Nets were placed over the smaller buildings and four-inch straps over the larger ones with everything secured to Duckbill Anchors.

All buildings had rigid stick-built end walls with batten boards nailed over the end and side flaps.  Internally, steel cable running the length of the tent kept the frame from spreading.

In addition:

  • All heaters had wind-orienting china caps on the stovepipe.
  • Generators (primary and backup) were shipped pre-installed in a conex container to keep them out of the weather and away from the salt spray.

During mob and demob, all camp equipment was stored in 20 foot conex shipping containers.  They traveled by ship between Anchorage and Dutch Harbor and by barge between Dutch and the job site.