Nome/Valdez, “On Deadly Ground”

Size 150 people
Client Time-Warner
In very short turn around, Taiga was asked to design and outfit a day camp for 150 people 26 miles north of Nome in February to support the filming of “On Deadly Ground,” a Steven Seagal film for
Warner Bros.

After several weeks of meetings, design alterations, bid-specification and time frame modifications, Taiga mobilized a day-support winter camp for 150 people in less than a week.


Taiga provided a full set-up crew to erect tents, outfit the kitchen, dining room and restroom facilities and prepare the camp for use.  The crew and 40,000 lbs. of gear arrived in Nome mid-day Thursday , and, by Tuesday of the following week under adverse conditions of low temperatures, high winds and minimal daylight, the camp was completely ready for use. 


That day, Warner Bros. canceled the project and the camp was disassembled and returned to Fairbanks.  The Nome portion of the project was accessible only by air; however, once the materials reached Nome, they were transported by track vehicle 26 miles overland to the filming site. 

In late March, Warner Bros. decided to re-instate the project near Valdez and Taiga was contacted to provide a day support set-up similar to the configuration of the Nome project, although on a reduced scale.