Swanson River, Kenai Peninsula

Size 100 people
Clients Northern Geophysical of America
Under cold and fitful December skies, Taiga undertook setup of this large-scale camp for oil exploration in the Kenai Peninsula.


Originally, the camp was to house 50 people, but as the scope of the work grew, camp population was increased to 100.  The last minute change in population necessitated fast work on the part of Taiga’s crew in order to prepare electrical, plumbing fixturing to accommodate everyone.  The camp, which lasted three months, housed crews working round the clock to gather seismic data.  Fresh water was trucked in and stored in NSF bladders.  Grey water was discharged into storage

bladders and sucked into sewage trucks.  Garbage was either incinerated on site or hauled to a landfill.  The camp operated 24 hours a day for 100 days, and was disassembled and removed from the area in eight days.