Retail and Drilling Supplies

PacWest Below is a brief description of the major items in our retail product line sold through PacWest Drilling Supply. With fluctuating freight and stock costs, we are unable to list prices on the website, but are happy to quote prices FOB Fairbanks via email, phone or fax.

pactoPacto is the most versatile portable toilet on the market as it requires neither electricity nor water for operation. Instead, a packaging mechanism encapsulates the waste with each flush. This means the toilet is always fresh, hygienic and odor-free.
>> Read More pactoBaroid Industrial Drilling products is a worldwide network of sales and service engineers, laboratory scientists and support personnel dedicated to servicing all facets of the drilling industry. Taiga stocks a comprehensive line of Baroid drilling, grouting, plugging, abandonment and well rehabilitation and development products specifically engineered to optimize performance and end-user costs. In addition, we have access to Baroid drilling mud engineers for advanced questions and assistance. Baroid products are certified NSF/ANSI60, standards which mean they are compatible with human health and the environment.
pactoSince 1986, Johnson Screens has been a major manufacturer and distributor of PVC riser and screen to the environmental and water well industries, and Taiga is pleased to stock their quality products. We carry PVC riser, slotted screen as well as caps and plugs. In addition, we stock well covers, hoisting plugs and a variety of other well monitoring related items. In addition, we are able to order bits and drill rig supplies. The Sample Archive System (SAS) product line is a new concept in storing and indexing geologic samples. The total SAS system, which consists of core boxes, utility sample boxes and storage crates provides a secure, permanent solution to long-term storage needs. The SAS System is designed to provide a more compact, cost-effective and weatherproof method for storing HQ and NQ drill core as well as other types of samples.
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Retail Camp Components

Many of our camp components are available for sale via Taiga Ventures :

  • Fuel caches
  • Shelters : all sizes, all-weather
  • Fresh and wastewater treatment/filtration systems
  • Complete customized kitchens
  • Complete shower and laundry facilities
  • Any and all appliances and shelters to make your project or camp a success, from heaters and incinerators to emergency support supplies.

For more information on camp components, contact