Remote Services

Our combination of knowledge, reliability and Arctic experience coupled with our extensive equipment inventory makes it possible to provide facilities suited to each client that are designed for maximum crew comfort, safety and efficiency with minimum impact on the environment. 

Our camps have housed from 6 to 200 and have covered all types of work from scientific projects, resource exploration, film and drilling crews to winter product testing and environmental cleanups.

Taiga is on the cutting edge of new shelter design and construction and remote fuel system technologies and installation.  Our clients know that by coming to Taiga, they will have the most advanced, comfortable, safe and cost-effective camp available.

Logistic Support Services
  • Expediting 24/7 to meet clients’ needs
  • Central receiving and forwarding for field gear
  • Meet clients at airport
  • Planning and transportation consultation
  • Over-winter equipment storage
Camp Services
  • Permitting services: negotiation of complex regulations for land use, health and safety, fuel storage and rights of way
  • Planning and consultation on remote projects
  • Camp managers to supervise operations, maintain essential equipment and insure a smooth relationship between the support crew and client
  • Camp support staff, fuelers, camp attendants, bear guards and kitchen helpers assist in maintaining the camp for comfort, convenience and safety of clients.
  • Design and supply camps based on each client’s specific requirements
Catering and Recreation

Food is one of the most critical factors in a successful remote camp operation and Taiga’s reputation for delicious meals is well-deserved.  All of our kitchen staff are certified as safe food handlers by the State of Alaska.

A variety of off-hours activities from volleyball to horseshoes to board games, reading materials, TV/DVD and satellite entertainment are available depending on location.
Equipment Rental
Our inventory includes but is not limited to:
  • Fuel systems with SPCC plan
  • All sizes, all-weather shelters with customized components
  • Fresh and wastewater treatment/filtration systems
  • Any and all appliances and shelters to make your project or camp a success.
  • Four-wheelers with trailers, boats, forklifts.
  • Slingable tent camps
  • Generators and power systems
Taiga is on the cutting edge of new communications methods including satellite internet and entertainment and VOIP.  Our inventory of satellite equipment is continually updated and out staff is trained in quick and accurate installation.