custom-built camps

Taiga Ventures has a large, on-hand inventory of soft-sided shelters which are erected on heavy-duty insulated floor panels; walls are insulated to withstand Alaska’s harshest conditions. Our camps are custom-built to project specifications, with safety and maximum comfort always at the forefront.


fully equipped

Our kitchens are furnished with commercial cooking equipment such as ranges, flat tops, hood vents, ice machines, refrigerators, chest freezers, grills, stainless steel prep tables and sinks.

Everything is permitted in accordance with ADEC regulations.  Diners are sized to support full capacity of camp personnel.


hot water & privacy

Facilities are gender separated and furnished with Pacto toilets, showers, washing machines, dryers, sinks, and pumps/pressure tanks, and hot water heaters.

Each bathroom facility provides privacy and the ability to hang accessories and store personal items in a dry area.


fully furnished for 1 to 4

Sleeping facilities are typically single status, or two to four person rooms.

Furnishings include cots or mattresses, bed base, bedding, card tables, chairs, storage totes, dressers, lighting, electrical distribution, oil drip stove or electric heater, and a safety package.


quality time off

Exercise and recreations facilities can be provided and furnished with any equipment the customer requests.

Typical furnishings include couches, coffee tables, lazy boys, entertainment center, satellite TV, pool tables, gym equipment, ping pong tables, and dart boards.


wired and ready

Office and communication facilities can be provided and are typically furnished with tables and chairs, desks, file cabinets, satellite internet center, VOIP, and printers/fax machines.

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