A Leader in Arctic Remote Logistics

Taiga Ventures is the premier logistical support provider for any size remote project from natural resource exploration to environmental assessment and remediation to film production. In addition, we are able to supply emergency camps for natural disasters.

Whether your project is based in Alaska, the lower '48 or at an international site, Taiga is poised to provide rapid, efficient, cost-effective service that will meet your most stringent requirements.

Although we are best known for the outstanding quality of our field camps, we also take pride in providing secondary support and organization in the following areas through either our Fairbanks home office or our Anchorage satellite facility:

Logistic Support Services
  • Expediting
  • Central receiving/forwarding for field equipment/supplies
  • Meet clients at airport
  • Arrange aircraft charters
  • Rental of four-wheelers and trailers
Camps and Camp Services
  • Catering and Permitting
  • Satellite communications
  • Over-winter storage of clientsí field equipment
  • Design and supply camps based on each clientís specific requirements
Camp Equipment Rental and Sales
  • Tents, Fuel systems and containments
  • Geo-stoves and Smart Ash units
  • Baroid drilling mud
  • Much more
Administrative Services
  • Supply short-term field help from Taiga staff
  • Payroll run-throughs
  • Local hire arrangements
  • Local accommodations and travel reservations for crew members

Featured Camps
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Chloya Lake, Yukon Flats Wildlife Refuge

Featured Products
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  • Pacto Toilets
  • Baroid Industrial Drilling Products
  • Johnson Screens Drilling Products
  • Sample Archive System (SAS)